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The professionals at Zounds Hearing Centers offer FREE hearing tests and hearing aid evaluations for those experiencing signs of a hearing loss. It is easy with Zounds. You can be tested and fitted with new hearing aids in just two hours!

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Zounds hearing aids lead the industry in clarity, performance and true rechargeability.

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Our hearing aids lead the industry in noise reduction, feedback cancellation and true rechargeability, made possible by our 57 exclusive patents. Visit us to hear the Zounds difference for yourself!

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Our hearing instrument specialists are committed to helping you hear better.

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Our experienced hearing professionals provide personalized fittings and complete follow-up care. We are dedicated to your success and are here to help you get the most out of your new hearing aids.

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Road to Better Hearing

Zounds Hearing was founded by Sam Thomasson after witnessing his daughter’s frustration with her under-performing hearing aids.

Zounds was founded by Sam Thomasson, an engineer who has spent his career developing new technologies in the medical device and consumer electronics industries. Sam is the father of a hearing-impaired daughter and has witnessed the problems associated with today’s hearing aids.

Sam promised his daughter that he would develop a hearing aid to address the key problems common with other high-end hearing aids. Zounds’ breakthrough technology is the fulfillment of a father’s promise to his daughter and the solution for dissatisfied hearing aid users around the world.                         Learn More

The Zounds Difference is what you experience when you become a Zounds Hearing customer. It begins with us understanding the frustration you have with your hearing loss. Zounds Hearing was founded by Sam Thomasson, the father of a hearing impaired daughter. After witnessing her frustration with her under-performing hearing aids, Sam made it his mission to properly engineer a hearing aid that works. The result is a line of technically superior products that will change your life.
To help the world hear better by providing a superior hearing system at an exceptional value in an accessible customer-friendly environment, and to build a world-class company for customers, associates, investors and business partners.
Family: As a family owned business we value strong, respectful and supportive relationships; which create an environment of trust and respect.

Ethics: Do what is right. Show respect for the individual. Provide world-class service to our customers. Always strive for excellence.

Balance: We commit to supporting a work/life balance for all team members.

Personal Development: We commit to providing an environment that supports and encourages the personal development and growth of each team member.

Communication: We commit to keeping open lines of communication and to communicate often. We agree to be supportive of one another and acknowledge each other’s success and value other opinions.

Zounds was founded on a love for family and innovation. We are a company that understands at its core the difference technology can make in the lives of its customers and are committed to providing quality products. The many letters received from Zounds customers and from family members and staff who wear the products encourage us to continue on our journey of innovation.

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Testimonials From Our Chicagoland Patients

With locations in 32 states, Zounds Hearing is proud of the unparalleled service and care we provide our patients. As part of the Zounds family, you can count on our team to help you achieve your hearing potential in a no-pressure environment. At Zounds Hearing of Northwest Chicago, our patients value the affordability, convenience and quality that Zounds continues to offer year after year. But don’t take our word for it, hear it right from our patients by reading our patient testimonials.

Zounds Testimonials

“I tried them on and heard sounds that I hadn’t heard in years!… Furthermore I do not have to carry spare batteries anymore. The rechargeable batteries are recharged every night! “
Ray R., Palos Heights, IL
“The staff were wonderful and professional! I would recommend them to anyone. My new hearing aids have helped me hear clearly in large group settings and when I am in a noisy restaurant. Thank you!”
Bob S., Arlington Heights, IL
“I received a very professional and comprehensive hearing evaluation. They took the time to carefully explain the results and present options and recommendations. No pressure and no hype.”
Maryann O., Arlington Heights, IL
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